Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend Weekend

This was a fine fine weekend indeed! Because Josh and I may be starting to work Saturdays in the next week or so, we figured we should go out and take advantage of this weekend. Plus the fact that it was gorgeous outside. We jumped in the car and drove up to the city. In the midst of our excursion we came across Telegraph Hill and rode the elevator to the top of Coit Tower. It was fun but not something that I ever need to do again. The tower shook a lot because of the old elevator and it made me really nervous. I was done in 5 minutes. no joke. So after a quick drink at Visuvio (One of my fav bars) we went boutique hopping in North Beach and Hayes Valley. Here are some of the awesome finds ...
Love 'dem keds! breaking them in today. a little blistery, but we'll get there.
Eco-friendly mounted deer :) we hung it above the tv. oh the amazing-ness of cardboard :P

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