Friday, November 20, 2009

Project Runway Season 6

Congrats to the winner of Project Runway Season 6 , Irina Shabeyeva and all the other designers! Irina's collection was really impressive but for me too cold. Sorry Irina, but I'm a color junkie :) I had a much better time watching Carol Hannah's collection. Although the judges said it was missing a connecting thread, I thought it had the most creative and eye catching silhouettes. Posted above are some of her designs.
Mmmmmm satin :P

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Cat Musgrove said...

I love that show, but for some reason I always forget about it now that it's not on Bravo. :( I missed this whole season.

Bravo's got a cool sounding one coming up, where they pair professional artists (photographer, choreographer, etc) with a designer, and then make a line. It's called "Launch My Line"

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