Friday, November 7, 2008

I like em big! I like em chunky!

IT'S OUT!!! my first movie credit! I'm
so excited! Everyone go see it :))))


Brittney Lee said...

Hey Hannah,

Congrats on the movie credit! I will look for your name when I see the movie:) Also, thanks for donating to purr-casso and for stopping by my blog! Everyone volunteering for the humane society LOVED your piece. Keep up the great work!

mauricio salmon said...

haha! awesome congrats!!

IrisOn said...

by the way beautiful tata piece

im not sure if it sold or not
I didnt have control of the sales at that show

email me we can talk more

Ali Kurzeja said...

Hey Hannah,

This is so exciting! Yay! I love your tata gallery piece too!

Thanks for the comment, and of course you can link me, as long as I can link you!

<3 Ali

Kelly said...

i saw it! i saw it! and i saw your name! congrats miss!

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