Friday, April 20, 2007

Side Project

So, I've got a side project going with Chris Boylan and couple other people who I met at Bishop. Unfortunately, everyone is scattered all over the country now, but I think if we can pull this off, its going to rock! The concept came off of one of my character drawings I did last semester. The basic story as of now is..

boy meets girl,
boy trys to impress girl by changing,
turns out, girl likes boy just the way he

I know, cheesy, but it will get better. Here are some color studies of the boy horse. I originally had the idea of a Peter de Seve look but in 3D. Can we pull it off? We'll see.....


mauricio salmon said...

sounds cool hannah, hope to see more of this.

Mike Kopa said...

This project is going to be AWESOME! Thanks for making me part of the team, Hannah. We WILL succeed!

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